My Approach in Consulting

Methods and Tools are legion, and you may assume that I am competent in my field. As experience shows: it is decisive that we get along personally. You can expect to meet somebody with a quick comprehension who is characterized by openness, ease, appreciation, confidence, and humor. It's a strength of mine to capture situations in their width and complexity quickly.

As a process consultant I see our dialogue as central for the ongoing planning steps. I need you with your knowledge of your organisation as a sparring partner to design the respective next steps custom-fit.

Your responsibility to lead and to make decisions remains with you; I provide you with a process that allows you to reach confident decisions that you can account for with a safe inner feeling.

I provide a framework concept giving you an overview of the needed allocation of time, money, and resources. This planning should include some amount of openness, so that we are able to react to the unfolding development during the project. There will always be surprises; in a prudent plan there should be room for them, according to the motto "you can't stop the wave - but you can learn to surf."

Consulting projects are always exciting journeys. I am fascinated by the uniqueness of each organisation and of the people working in them.

Contact me for an initial conversation. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

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