Executive Coaching

"you can't stop the wave - but you can learn to surf." (Jon Kabat-Zinn)

In your normal environment, business or home, you are subject to the force fields of the applicable network of relationships, the unwritten rules, power relations, taboos and so on, and you participate in their dynamics.

Coaching provides you with a dialogue partner outside of this environment and an opportunity for reflection. Certain issues can only be talked about on that basis; if, in that process, perspectives and opportunities of behavior come along which enable you to return to your environment with the support I provide, you have reached a goal.

If you are tired of the tips, the tricks, the quick-and-easy recipes and fast-lane tools, you may be in the right place here. The crucial questions are simple ones, most of the time; it is a lot less simple to find them, ask them courageously and then listen to the answer when it is found. I would be happy to support you in this work as your coach or dialogue partner for the time being.

It is not unusual for deeper-lying personal issues to surface in the course of a consultation. I am sufficiently qualified to address such issues at any depth you require. But you must decide for yourself whether and how this is done. It may, sometimes, suffice to become aware of the fact that there are areas where one must take good care of oneself or where potential work awaits us. And sometimes it becomes clear that the time has come to get to work on that area. Experience shows that the difference falls in place automatically.

Contact me for an initial conversation. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

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