Agility De-mystified

Don't make agility too complicated. The underlying concepts have been around for 30 years, and they can be tested and implemented step by step.

Essentially, agility, agile working, new work, etc. are all about redistributing leadership, decision-making and responsibility in a new and broader way.

However, this potentially has a huge impact on your structures: processes, evaluation and reward systems, physical layout, infrastructure. Agility is no small thing. It fundamentally changes the way organizations work.

The main work, however, is the development of the mindset, the self-competence and the respective role perception. This is the crux of the matter, so that agile organizations can succeed.

I therefore think it is wrong to start by investing a lot of work in complicated sets of rules, such as the Holocracy. My approach: You test principles of agility, empowerment and self-organisation in small doses. That generates cultural impulses. Once you have digested and integrated these, the next step follows.

The result is a transformation without overwhelming strain and a momentum that can pick up speed quickly.

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