The narrative

I was born in Bratislava in 1967 and grew up in Switzerland. I am happily married, and my wife and I live in the country. One of my hobbies is surfing, and I can tell you this: “You can’t stop the wave, but you can learn how to surf” – this adage applies not only on the level of change management.

Early on I made the experience that I can learn the most diverse things very easily and quickly. It is probably true that I am not ordinary in that regard. This is to say that I’ve racked up quite a record. In my opinion, this is a great advantage for a consultant. I can draw upon well-founded educational bases and experiences in very diverse disciplines: management, consultation, psychotherapy, professional sports, music, and martial arts. I have worked in the for-profit as well as the non-profit area, in private business, in the public service and health sectors. I speak six languages and have many active interests.

Yet, that alone does not make me the appropriate consultant for you. But you can safely assume that I am well-equipped in terms of depth and broadness of spectrum – and I would like to employ this for the benefit of my customers.

In many years as an employee, manager and as a consultant, I have repeatedly made the following experience: When things go wrong, it practically always happens at the level of leadership and cooperation. People and organisations do not fail because of a lack of brilliance. They ultimately fail as a result of the culture they create themselves. I would like to contribute towards enabling your potentials to unfold.

Radical openness, honest shared learning instead of promises of salvation, lightness and humor, goodwill and integrity are values that guide me. I want our collaboration as partners to be characterized by these values.

Tibor Koromzayzoom