Create outstanding Organisations with True Leadership

As an organisational consultant and coach I link a humanistic approach with the business world. This opens doors to authentic leadership qualities, inspiring collaboration, smart change management, and personal growth. I base my work on an exceptionally broad background including many years of first hand management experience.

Top quality leadership, the ability to learn and adapt quickly, and a culture that will make these abilites grow are becoming more and more the core features of succesful companies. All of this depends on the way people collaborate and the way they treat others and themselves.

I support my customers in developping these aspects, offering organisational consulting, team coaching, executive coaching, and tailor made seminars and workshops.

My vision are organisations that are inspiring places; successful companies that are equally respected and admired by their employees, by society, and by their stakeholders; organisations that are shining examples of True Leadership.

I am not in the business of selling convenience food and instant solutions; they fall short when dealing with complex and important questions. And this is what matters, after all, in all things big and small: To find out what the important questions are, to ask them courageously and then to listen to the answers once we have them. I would be happy to lend my support in this work – in larger endeavours also in pairs with Annatina Escher Koromzay.

I look forward to hearing from all of you – you are welcome at any time.

Visit also my website on Leadership.

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