Inspiring Collaboration

The success of an organisation stands and falls with the quality of collaboration. Capability to innovate and learn, efficiency, inspiration – all this ultimately depends on how  openly, curiously, and respectfully you treat each other, and how much you appreciate your colleagues.

The more solid your base of trust is, the more it becomes possible to go out on a limb, to sustain tension and uncertainty, and thus to get to new solutions. If collaboration doesn't work, your organisation will stay below it's potential.

I am very good at strengthening the base of trust, creating an atmosphere of relaxed constructiveness, relating to very different people, deblocking situations, or perhaps developping a good cooperation to the next level. By keeping the focus on the next level, the way from good to great becomes practicable, step by step.

My range of topics:

  • A vision of top performance and excellence in collaboration
  • Forms of collaboration that are suitable for high dynamics and complexity
  • Fostering creativity and innovation in your collaborational culture
  • Achieving intrinsic motivation
  • Fostering cooperation instead of silo-mentality
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Solving conflicts between individuals
  • Solving conflicts between teams and departments

I will always begin with an in-depth dialogue with you developping a thorough analysis of the situation and a clarification of my assignment. I love to get to know people and organisations and to support them in demanding times.

Let's enter into a conversation. Im am looking forward to it.