Seminars and Workshops

I offer custom made inhouse seminars and workshops in German and English. Or I support you as the facilitator for your offsite meeting.

My focus is to guide participants through a process that will help them to move and learn with a high intrinsic motivation.

There is proof that self-sustaining learning needs two things: action and emotional involvement. I design my seminars accordingly.

My range of topics:

  • Seminar High Level Leadership: prudence and integrity in Leadership, sensitivity for your inner compass, mindfulness, dealing with complexity, dealing with stress and temptations, Leadership and Personal Growth
  • Seminar Change Management: basic important dynamics of change processes, setting the ground for intelligent change management
  • Seminar Aikido and Leadership: making a difference without pulling or pushing, dealing with conflict situations.
  • Ability to listen: the basis for productive cooperation.
  • Seminar Team Development: Dialogue Culture, Team Dynamics, Meeting Design, cultural factors of cooperation between teams
  • Seminar Self Management: dealing with demanding situations, dealing with power constructively, mindfulness.
  • Mindfulness retreat with connections to business topics
  • Pit stop: where do I stand in my personal and professional life? What are my goals?
  • Resilience seminar: maintaining balance and the capacity to act, even in times of high demands
  • Seminar Stress Management: bodily, cognitive and imaginative approaches to dealing with peak situations and stress.
  • Burnout seminar: Prevention, Coping with Burnout, Reintegration after Burnout
  • Creativity seminar: how to get into a creative mode.

Content, setting, methodology, duration and design are tailored to your needs after an in-depth clarification of the assignment.

Contact me for an initial conversation. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

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