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This is where I write, infrequently, about sense and nonsense in the world of managers and consultants, things which occupy my mind, some serious, others funny and frank. The contributions are intended to entertain and to inspire further thoughts about the challenges managers have to face today – and tomorrow.

  • A Guide to Doom reloaded - 04/2020

    A Guide to Doom reloaded - 04/2020

    Ini a crisis your thoughts should go to the time after crisis. Today it's about the wrong reflexes. And about the stone age, neurological tests, overstrain, rancid smell, bad timing, manic-depressive organisations, and the upswing.   

  • Self organisation doesn't come just like that - 03/2020

    Self organisation doesn't come just like that - 03/2020

    Self organisation does not mean you don't have to do anything about it. About daredevilry, Bling-Bling, built-in problems, a short definition, a license to spruce, and and pixie dust.   

  • Inside Out - 01/2020

    Inside Out - 01/2020

    To want something and to arrange yourself with something are tow very different things. About fun-free working, living cell therapies, Holocracy, Ricardo Semler, earthquakes, bombing, the Eldorado, and sustainable development. Change Management Consulting and Change Facilitation in Zurich and Switzerland.   

  • The Satirical Retrospect - 12/2019

    The Satirical Retrospect - 12/2019

    My yearly satirical retrospect: About culture change, Food-Insta, the Middle East peace process, dying, a political debate, boasting, the McLaren version of green, and sinking ships.   

  • Double Binds as Killers of Progress - 11/2019

    Double Binds as Killers of Progress - 11/2019

    If mindset is to change, the structure must change, too: About dinosaurs, panting, incentives, wrong conclusions, luck, drunken people, and strong levers.   

  • so what - 09/2019

    so what - 09/2019

    Much that seems new, is not. About the Philosopher’s Stone, certificaters, a thousand years of delay, social competence for beginners, Rolf Dobelli, music, and lametta.   

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