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This is where I write, infrequently, about sense and nonsense in the world of managers and consultants, things which occupy my mind, some serious, others funny and frank. The contributions are intended to entertain and to inspire further thoughts about the challenges managers have to face today – and tomorrow.

  • Personality matters – 01/2021

    Personality matters – 01/2021

    A toxic leader will wreck the performance of your company. About a bad business date, baby rattles, servant leadership, easygoing attitude, bee stings, horses, and the courage to take decisions with integrity.   

  • The satirical Retrospective 2020 - 12/2020

    The satirical Retrospective 2020 - 12/2020

    Time to look back in a not so earnest way: Today is about de-mystified endearment, crisis profits, dinosaurs, hero epics, fizzling euphoria, and psychoanalysts gone wild.   

  • Authenticity: no Excuses – 11/2020

    Authenticity: no Excuses – 11/2020

    There are no excuses when it comes to authenticity. About wrong equations, incontinence, ugly shoes, hard choices, CEO’s doubting their job, lies, a moral compass, and the pure being.   

  • Down the Abyss with Startups? - 05/2020

    Down the Abyss with Startups? - 05/2020

    You can copy, but choose wisely. Today it's about survivors, verve, time bombs, tadpoles, Zumba lessons, and spring cleaning.   

  • Leadership and Acceptance - 07/2020

    Leadership and Acceptance - 07/2020

    Acceptance will make you a better Leader. Today it's about a paradox, Alcoholics Anonymous, Managers and Buddhas, waste of energy, Innovation, and composed engagement.   

  • Inner Structure, Outer Structure - 05/2020

    Inner Structure, Outer Structure - 05/2020

    The stronger your inner structure, the better you will stand outer structures crumbling.   

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