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This is where I write, infrequently, about sense and nonsense in the world of managers and consultants, things which occupy my mind, some serious, others funny and frank. The contributions are intended to entertain and to inspire further thoughts about the challenges managers have to face today – and tomorrow.

  • Neuropunk with Lametta - 03/2015

    Neuropunk with Lametta - 03/2015

    About neuroscience, diffusion of competence, women with brains, cluster bombs, Heinz von Förster, asymptotes, and about morse code.   

  • A little like Dying - 02/2015

    A little like Dying - 02/2015

    Above all, this is about acceptance, but also about Goethe, lemons, what we can learn from dying processes, wasted concepts and misplaced paroles.   

  • Systems Theory is not Enough - 12/2014

    Systems Theory is not Enough - 12/2014

    About failing change projects, the limits of headlines, Gandalf as a miscast, nervous markets and other pets, and about what remains for a consultant, when there is nothing to know.   

  • Is everybody bonkers?! - 12/2014

    Is everybody bonkers?! - 12/2014

    About questions of meaning, tissue and forced retirement, market mechanisms and a changing time - and it is not about god, even if he is mentioned twice.   

  • Get in the Comfort Zone! - 11/2014

    Get in the Comfort Zone! - 11/2014

    The comfort zone as a restricted area, what athletes and musicians need to perform on top level, the basics of breathing, Roger Federer, and what all this has to do with San Francisco - this is what this blog is about. And about the question wheather your company is a smoker or not.    

  • Big Data - Big Mistakes? - 09/2014

    Big Data - Big Mistakes?  -  09/2014

    Who is observing, and who is interpreting? About Physics and other disciplines trying to follow suit; and about the question wheather a computer can replace a second person in the room.   

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